Studio Momager

Digital Secretary

Do you have problems managing your inbox? Are you an individual or very small company that wishes they could afford a secretary / customer service line but just aren’t ready to take someone on full-time? Let us help out. Give clients the personal attention that they deserve will keep them off your back.

Mail Management

Set up a “general inquiries” email account for Studio Momager to handle and take the pressure off your inbox. We’ll forward along anything that seems important, weed out the junk mail, and consolidate other requests so they’re neat and tidy (and far less of a daily distraction).

Non-Auto Responding

Have to leave the office for vacation or unavailable for a day or two? Instead of setting a cold auto-responder that may frustrate clients, let Studio Momager respond! You’re clients will be happy to know that you’re on top of the job, and that you can be contacted in case of emergency.

Order Fulfillment

Standing in line at the post office is no fun, especially when it keeps you from client work (or even worse, eats up your precious free time!). As an individual or small company, you might not be ready for large scale order fulfillment, but you could definitely use a Studio Momager!

Packing Orders

Leave all the packing to us. Send uline orders directly to Studio Momager and keep your office from looking like a cardboard jungle. From tubes to stay flats, we make sure everything is protected from the elements (and over-zealous post office workers).

We pick up your inventory

No need to ship your precious inventory out to us and risk damaging it before it’s even sent out to your customers. If you’re in the Philadelphia or New York City area, we’ll come to pick up your inventory and safely transport it back to our distribution office. Just set up a day that’s best for you!

Amazing customer service

Studio Momager contacts customers when their order is received, lets them know when their order has shipped, and answers any questions along the way. Never thought your little shop could have a customer service line, huh?

Charting your sales

We create google spreadsheets of all your sales and track repeat customers. Whenever you’re having a sale or release a new item, we’ll let all of your loyal customers know!