Studio Momager


Studio Momager is Donna DiSpirito. Donna has been a lot of things—a chemist, a Mary Kay lady, a financial services rep, and, as you can tell from her title, a Mom. While she may seem like a Jane-of-all-trades, the two things that her lifetime of professions have in common are organization and people skills. Donna lives to organize. Few people derive as much joy from setting up spreadsheets and streamlining other people’s lives. She’s amazing at customer service—after years working in jobs with heavy customer interaction, Donna can handle it all. She loves to make customers feel like they are important and cared for. People will return to your online store if only for the excellent service!

Client Testimonial

Hiring Donna has been the best decision I’ve ever made. Full disclosure: she’s my mom...but not having to deal with order-fulfillment has been a dream. She keeps my inbox SUPER tidy and whenever I’m away lets clients know that they needn’t worry—I’m on top of everything. If you’re an individual that’s stretched a bit too thin but not quite ready to take on a full-time helper, Studio Momager is the best! —Jessica Hische, letterer & illustrator

Donna DiSpirito AKA my Momager was the best business move I made last year. Donna is highly organized and motivated and because she's skilled in both spreadsheets and customer service, allows me to be more flexible and intelligent with my time which all small business owners know is highly important.—Emily Elizabeth, Emily Elizabeth Jewelry